Universal Electric Vehicle EV Conversion Kit

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Designed for electric vehicles in the 3000 to 4800 pound range, this a true highway-capable EV kit with excellent performance!  Unlike most kits on ebay that come with a small, 8-inch or 9-inch diameter motor, this kit includes a massive 10-inch motor for peak torque and maximum horsepower! 

This is the fast and easy way to convert your car or truck into an electric vehicle.  This kit includes all the major components you need to convert your car/truck/boat to all-electric vehicle... just add a battery pack and charger, and you are ready to go!

All the components in this kit are matched and designed to work together -- taking the guesswork out of your project!  The controller is pre-programmed for this motor, and all the equipment is plug-and-play.  

Highway-capable electric car kits such as this typically sell in the $7,500 to $8,900 price range.  Less expensive kits are typically come with a very small motor and controller... they are designed for extremely light cars, golf carts, and motorcycles.  These kits often have very poor performance in a full-size car or truck -- especially when going uphill.  This kit is designed for excellent performance on any car or truck up to 5000 pounds... even on the highway! 

This kit includes the following components:

- 10-inch Diameter DC Motor

- 1000 Amp Controller

- Throttle Control (potbox)

- Contactors (2)

- 600A DC Fuse

- Spare 600A DC Fuse

- One hour of free technical and installation support

Motor is rated at 26 KW (35 HP) continuous, and 105 KW (150 HP) peak.  It is more powerful than the popular NetGain Warp 9 and Advanced DC FB1-4001 motors.  This motor is designed for up to 144 volts, although we have seen people go much higher.  Has much more torque that the Warp 9 motor -- close to a Warp 11!  Easily installs in most vehicles with readily-available shaft and motor adapter plates (has the same shaft and bolt pattern as the Warp series motors). 

The controller is made in the USA, and capable of up to 320 volts and over 1000 amps.  This is a 100% IGBT-based controller (no MOSFETs or transistors) that runs at over 97% efficiency and does NOT require liquid cooling.  Controller is pre-programmed for this package and also features plug-and-play firmware that automatically detects your throttle control and battery pack voltage.  There is no setup required with this controller.... simply connect it and go!   Controller comes with manual, a

Contactors are made Panasonic and are OEM grade (200 amps continuous).  They can surge up to 900 amps, and are compatible with all battery packs to 450 volts.  

The fuse is a heavy duty 600 amp (1000 surge) DC fuse designed for all systems up to 170 volts.  This is an actual DC fuse (they retail for $128.00), not a re-purposed AC fuse -- which will not work correctly in an EV.  We are also including a spare fuse FREE OF CHARGE with this kit.   

To complete this kit, all you really need is a battery pack and charger.  Great power and performance for any electric car up to 5000 pounds!  This kit is intended for a 144-volt battery pack, but will run anywhere from 24 to 170 volts without modification.  

Buyer pays actual S&H.  Due to the weight of the motor, it will have to be shipped separately by truck freight.  The controller and accessories will be shipped fully insured via UPS Ground.  Shipping price includes shipping to any location with a loading dock.  Residential lift gate service is also available for an additional charge.