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10-inch Electric Vehicle (EV) Motor - for DC cars, More Power than the Warp 9 !

The ULTIMATE push for your economy electric vehicle!!!

144 Volts - 200 Amps - 26 kW of continuous power!!! 

For less than the price of a 9-inch DC motor, this 10-inch motor offers MORE torque, MORE power, and a better value!  Great for heavier vehicles and performance applications!

Motor weighs only about 190 pounds -- less than a typical 4-cylinder gasoline engine, and only a fraction of what a diesel engine weighs!!!  We have sold/installed over 60 of these EV motors, and they can easily beat almost any V8 engine during acceleration tests!

Although rated for 200 amps, these motors will hold almost 600 amps for over 2 minutes... and you can go even longer if you used forced cooling.  Motor is rated for 144 volts, although we have run them at much higher voltages.

Another great feature of this motor is that is has the same shaft and bolt pattern as the Warp 9, Warp 11, and 9-inch Advanced DC Motors.  This allows easy installation to your transmission, using readily-available EV adapter kits.  It does not get any easier than this!

Buyer pays actual shipping charges.  Due to the size/weight, motor MUST be shipped via Freight service.  Shipping price shown is to any location with a loading dock.  Residential liftgate service is available in most areas for an additional charge.  You may also pickup at shipping terminal.  Motor weighs about 185 lbs, but crated is around 230.